Cover Reveal: SIMULATION by Tara Tyler #SciFi #SpecFic #YA

To go with the cover reveal of another fabulous Tara Tyler novel, here’s a bit of writerly advice from the lady herself…

“Always thank people, but most importantly, thank those who work with you. Event coordinators, bookstores, editors, readers, bloggers, tweeters, and even new followers.

Recognizing others makes connections stronger and paves the way for future opportunities.”
Now, it’s finally here!! I give you [pause for drum roll] the taunting cover of SIMULATION!

SIMULATION by Tara Tyler

Release Date: September 14, 2015

In 2082, androids are an essential part of daily life. Some are helpful, some would make better toasters, and some are so human-like they’re creepy. Back in Atlanta, Detective Cooper’s latest client has him searching for her boyfriend who she thinks was replaced by a simulation, an illegal clone android. The guy also happens to be a popular new congressman.

To make matters more frustrating, Cooper keeps crossing paths with his ex, FBI Agent Geri Harper who is looking for the same guy. As Cooper closes in, Geri is kidnapped. But when she resurfaces in Washington and goes on a killing spree, he knows it isn’t her. Now under suspicion himself, Cooper must find the real Geri to prove her innocence, not to mention hunt down the powerful villain behind it all. Never a dull moment.

And let’s not forget ….


Re-released July 1, 2015

In 2080, Detective J.L. Cooper thought he could avoid pop, until he stumbles onto a video of a traveler who turns to dust. With help from the neurotic, genius “Creator” and a beautiful Southern charmer, Cooper has to expose the deadly glitch and shut it down or die trying. No problem.

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Tara Tyler has a loud voice, loves to help others, and is ever forgetful. That’s why she always writes things down, sings, and teaches. She has no idea how she became a writer, but as long as the characters and stories are flowing, she’ll never stop! Tara is also the Lazy Housewife, one of the Really Real Housewives of America – a new blog dedicated to doling out tips and advice on how to economize time and money for a happier life (starts in Aug).

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Also by Tara Tyler, MG/YA Fantasy series, Beast World, Book One: BROKEN BRANCH FALLS


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Dragon’s Fire by Tiger Herbert #epicfantasy #fantasy PLUS #IWSG

Join me today for a brand new epic fantasy book feature, plus my monthly visit to my writing insecurities. #IWSG.



Tate Publishing published this epic fantasy June 23, 2015, and I get to tell you all about it. It’s already received stellar reviews and I am loving the cover!

What say you?


As reality sets in our survivors face a very grim future. Could their only hope of survival truly be found in the cryptic writings of ancient prophecy?





“I have enjoyed getting immersed in Tiger Herbert’s Dragon’s Fire. He has built an incredibly elaborate and intricate world with characters just as diverse. There is action on every page and his detailed descriptions put you right in the middle of it. He has a great way of pulling together the many different story lines and blending them into one. I look forward to continuing this adventure as far as Tiger takes it.”

 – Ben Macri

“Great read. I couldn’t put it down. Love the characters and the world that has been created. I read it in one afternoon. It has great twists and turns. Readers will be drawn into the story from the very beginning and will want to keep turning the page. I look forward to reading the next one.”

– Anonymous

“Amazing book! After reading the first chapter, I couldn’t put it down ! The details of the story make me feel like I’m actually there and in a state of relaxation. This is a must read for anyone and I look forward to seeing what is to come. ”  

– Tate Stephens

“The book starts off with a bang. No mushy pretext we get right into the good stuff and action. Really descriptive and tons of visual details that put me right in the mix. Definitely a page turner.”  

– Samantha St.Jules

Meet the author: Tiger Hebert

Okay, so I am not even going to pretend that anyone else is writing this bio, so let’s just agree to skip the 3rd person business.  I am basically just a dude who likes to create stories that rock.  I strive not only to breathe life into extraordinary characters, but into entire worlds. Creating unforgettable worlds and then sharing it with you is a blast. There is nothing quite like hearing the excitement in someone’s voice as they talk about the story you have created.  It is a huge part of why I do this.

Now to the who.  I am a Christian, husband, father of three children, and a veteran.  I have a BA in Communications. I was born and raised in Maine.  I love the outdoors and I am passionate about football, food, family, and faith, and not necessarily in that order.

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Does Dragon’s Fire tickle your fancy? I recommend you take a look at the website, which is awesome, and there are lots more reviews there, too. All great of course. 

If you’d like to join other insecure writers in this meme and hop around for inspiration, click HEREto find them.


Cover Reveal of ‘Untouchable’ by S. A. Starcevic #YA #FantasyRomance #SciFi

Join me today for the cover reveal of ‘Untouchable’ by S. A. Starcevic, published by Forever More Publishing.

He’s allowing us to get a sneaky peek at his awesome cover a whole 18 days before the book’s release.  I do hope you get on board and share this post around. Read all about the book and its author below…

Book Description

SAS_Untouchable low res

Ethan Elliot is no stranger to secret identities. As an LGBT teen, he’s dealt with secrets all his life. Nevertheless, when his powers kick in and he’s whisked away to join a team of superheroes, he dons a mask of a different kind – one that sees him battling supervillains and testing his limits.

However, there’s more going on behind the scenes than capes and costumes. At the headquarters of the Protectorate, he makes unlikely friends with Gravity Girl and Element Boy. Except Element Boy might turn out to be more than just a friend, and Gravity Girl is battling demons of her own.

Ethan will discover what it means to be a hero, and must learn that even superheroes aren’t untouchable.


Untouchable is up for pre-order: hereherehereherehere and here, as well as on iBooks. 🙂

Author Interview

  1. Can you tell us a little bit about your latest project? When did it begin and what inspired you?

UNTOUCHABLE had been swirling around for a while before I actually started writing it. Don’t ask how, but I immediately knew it was something special. I just had that writer’s feeling. It was different to everything else I’d written. It was quality.

  1. What do you do when you are not writing?

What? You mean there’s a world outside writing? *panics*

  1. When did you first start writing and when did you finish your first book? Was it any good?

There’s a story behind that, actually. The first book I ever finished wasn’t that long ago. I decided to sub it way before I was ready, and amid the – many, many – rejections came an acceptance. I turned it down for reasons outlined here. I’m glad I did. UNTOUCHABLE deserves to hog the spotlight.

  1. Where do you get your ideas?

The fiction factory. I pay a monthly fee and in return they mail a brochure.

  1. Do you ever experience writer’s block?

I think writer’s block is just a great big misconception. People who haven’t properly plotted their story will find themselves stuck at some point. That’s a fact. However, people who plot too much will get stuck too, because they will have wasted all of their enthusiasm. I try to strike a balance – I write out short, choppy sentences summarizing what needs to happen to move the plot along, but I leave the rest to figure out as I go. It’s worked fine thus far.

  1. Can you tell us about your challenges in getting your first book published?

UNTOUCHABLE was always going to be a pain to query. It’s a YA superhero story which clocks in at an awkward word count (novellas rarely make it to print, but eBook publishers love them) with an LGBT protagonist in his teens. I had a few nibbles, including a full request from a really prestigious publisher, but ultimately decided to sign with Forever More Publishing thanks to their wicked-fast turnaround and backlist of awesome books with great covers.

  1. If you had to go back and do it all over, is there any aspect of your novel or getting it published that you would change?

Nope. I’m happy with FMP. The cover is more than I ever could have asked for (thanks April) and working with the editor has already been really enlightening.

  1. How do you market your work? What avenues have you found to work best for your genre? Which don’t work at all?

Social media is the greatest tool in a writer’s arsenal. Seriously. Everyone uses social media. It’s just a matter of finding the right audience for your book. I’m having some success with Tumblr, because UNTOUCHABLE is skewed for teens and most people on Tumblr identify with Gen Y, even the ones who aren’t in their teens.

I briefly interned for an author who has thousands of followers on there, and she’s been able to interact with a really enthusiastic readership. I also participated in a cover reveal with an author who has tens of thousands of followers on WordPress, which she promotes on her Facebook and Instagram. (Be wary, though: Facebook seems to have become rather commercialized lately.) It’s just about finding the right mix of different social media avenues.

  1. Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

Just write it. Seriously. Do it. You’ll thank yourself later.

  1. Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?

The idea that I even have readers and fans is crazy. Um, thanks for existing.


  1. Sweet or sour?

Neither. Spicy.

  1. Peace or noise?

Depends on the situation. Peace while writing, definitely.

  1. Classic or modern?

Easily modern.

  1. Horror or comedy?

I’ll never understand why people find graphic depictions of human cruelty entertaining. Comedy.

  1. Rock or Pop?

I love covers of 80’s music, but I also listen to the Top 40. Both.

  1. Zombies or Vampires?

The word ‘vampire’ is such a turn-off these days due to overuse, but zombies are icky. Vampires.

  1. Print or Electronic?

Electronic. Then again, I’m probably biased since UNTOUCHABLE is an eBook.

  1. Indie or Traditional?

Traditional for the most part. I want to experiment with self-publishing in the future, though.

  1. Plotter or Panster?

Plotter. Mostly.

  1. House proud or scruff-bag?

I like certain areas to be neat, but others look like Ground Zero. I’m kind of an OCD pack rat.

Author Bio

S. A. Starcevic wanted to be a superhero when he was little, but nowadays he settles for the next best thing—writing about them. Untouchable, his superhero YA novella with an LGBT love story, is signed with Forever More Publishing. When he’s not slaving over books two and three in the trilogy, he blogs about writing, publishing and world domination at Bookshelf of Doom.


Website | @BookshelfOfDoom

Excited to read about the adventures of Ethan Elliot? Let S. A. Starcevic know in the comments.
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The Monk Who Cast A Spell by Sharon Bradshaw #YA #FantasyRomance #Sc-Fi

Join me today for the “The Monk Who Cast A Spell”  book feature.

March 17, 2015, Motivational Press published Sharon Bradshaw’s science fiction / fantasy romance, The Monk Who Cast A Spell. I thought I’d show I’d share this book with you today. I do hope you get on board and share this post around, and check out her books. Read all about Veritas and its author below…

Book Description

1628651717Durstan, a 17 year old 8th century Monk at the Monastery on Iona, falls in love with Ailan; becomes involved with Beth when he thinks he has lost her, and is injured then in a Viking raid.

He doubts his Christian belief because of the magic of the old Gods whom people still worship in 794AD; the violence of the Vikings and the sexual awakening he experiences with Ailan at Beltane.

The Abbot, Druid, Monks and Durstan’s family are important to the story, as is the magic in the firelight, wildness of nature and seasons on Iona and Mull in the Hebrides, warmth of spring in April/May and snow at Yule, the blizzards and white sky.

Amazon UK |




A really enjoyable look into the life of a 17 year old monk, around the time of the first Viking raids. Insightful descriptions of monastery life during that period and a look into the heart of a young man who is questioning his vocation. Exciting moments, daring voyages in a coracle, brutality, bravery and love – they are all included. I hear there is to be another book to continue the saga – can’t wait!

By Mary Rose


Sharon Bradshaw is a fantastic writer.
By rose13
Exciting moments, daring voyages in a coracle, brutality, bravery and love – they are all included. I hear there is to be another book to continue the saga – can’t wait!
By Mary Rose

Author Bio

Sharon was born in London, has an LLB Law Degree and practised as a Solicitor until 2012 when she became Manager of her Son’s business.

She ran a writing competition in 2011 and published an Anthology of selected entries, raising funds to buy bread for children in Tanzania.

Sharon has a passion for history. She has had poetry published and writes the Hope and Dreams Blog. She wants to raise awareness of basic human rights, including a child’s entitlement to education and love.

She discovered a young man sitting on a low stone wall gazing out to sea. Durstan, “The Monk who cast a Spell”, was on Iona in 794AD waiting for the Vikings to arrive. His story explores Celtic spirituality, the early Christian Church and traditional belief in the Old Gods. An inspirational tale of finding and losing love, how lives are incomplete without kindness and compassion, it considers the necessity of religion and the importance of change.

Sharon lives near Warwick in the UK with her family. “The Monk who cast a Spell” is her first novel and she is writing the sequel.


Have anything to say to/ask Sharon? Ask in the comments.
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Elisabetta L. Faenza’s ‘Veritas’ #historicalfiction #fantasy #BookFeature & Author Interview

Join me today for the Veritas”  book feature.

March 4, 2015, True North Publishing published the second in Elisabetta L. Faenza’s debut historical fiction trilogy (with fantasy elements). It sound intriguing, so I thought I’d share my blog with her today for a little promo. I do hope you get on board and share this post around, and check out her books. Read all about Veritas and its author below…

Book Description

“When your blood decides the fate of kings, better to die a lion than a lamb.”


veritas-front-transDelivered from captivity, burned, desperate and disoriented, Gian finds himself in the care of a blind Monk – Maurus Stigmata. Rescued by the forces of the Holy Eastern Emperor, Gian enters a Byzantine world of esotericism and intrigue. As Gian recovers, little by little he learns the story of the mysterious Maurus and his role in the infamous Fourth Crusade and the sacking of Constantinople. Old debts are called due as Maurus Stigmata is made to atone for his betrayal of his former master. Gian, with the help of Anatolian bandits, races against the sands of time to find his friend and release him from his torturer. In this the second book in The King Maker Saga, Gian finally discovers the truth about his family and the legacy he must now carry alone. The basis for this story is the well documented history of the Faenza family – recovered from Vatican documents, Italian and Arabic chronicles and oral history as passed down from generation to generation over a thousand years.

Amazon UK | Amazon US


(for book one of this trilogy, The Infidel)

This debut novel is a mammoth achievement. Set in Europe and the Middle East in the 1200s, this story weaves together the adventures of Gian and Lara. Powered by extensive historical research, characterisation, counterpoint plot, and sumptuous geography this romantic adventure has it all.

By Kylie


Well written story that took this reader on a journey following two young lives in a time long since forgotten. The Crusades and the historical references provide fact to the lives that are portrayed in this book. I am on tenterhooks waiting for the next instalment of this trilogy.
By Karen Greygoose
 This debut novel is a mammoth achievement.
By Kylie

 Author Bio and Interview


As the daughter of an Australian school teacher and an Italian immigrant, I was raised between two cultures, and gained a love for language and story telling at an early age. In the 1960s and 70s Australian was predominantly white, Anglo-Saxon, and so a very olive skinned, blue-eyed child stood out, and I was often referred to as a half-caste. Sounds ridiculous now, but Australia was a much less sophisticated place back then. Being the outsider influenced my view of the world, and made me an observer of people, behavior and culture – something that has been very valuable as a writer.
I studied languages and psychology at university as an undergraduate and have a Master’s Degree in International Relations, which I completed in my early thirties. I’m also a qualified hypnotherapist and MBTI personality profiler, which really helps me to shape each character’s psyche. I’ve had a life long love of history, people and the places they live, love and die in.
I began the research for The Infidel and Veritas over twenty-five years ago and am working on both the prequel to the series – Paul the Assassin, and the sequel to Veritas – Faventia, both due for release in 2016. I live near Braidwood in Australia, with my partner and four children, where I also assists environmental and social enterprises, and indulge my love of the arts and growing food.



  1. Sweet or sour? Sour
  2. Peace or noise? Peace
  3. Classic or modern? Both
  4. Horror or comedy? Comedy
  5. Rock or Pop? Pop
  6. Zombies or Vampires? Zombies
  7. Print or Electronic? Print
  8. Indie or Traditional? Indie
  9. Plotter or Panster? Plotter
  10. House proud or scruff-bag? House proud

Signature image

Main Writer Interview

  1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I’m a mother of four teenagers, and was born with a rare genetic condition, which meant I spent a lot of time in hospital or sick at home when I was a child. My father was an Italian immigrant and my mother an Australian school teacher / artist. I live in rural Australia about an hour and a half out of Canberra. I love gardening, scuba diving, bush walking, cycling, travel and research.
  1. What about your latest project? When did it begin and what inspired you? I’m working on the 3rd and 4th books in the King Maker Saga. The second book in the series – Veritas was released in February this year. The whole project began when I was 16, as part of a family history English project at high-school. We had a parchment with the family history of my paternal (Italian) side and I started researching the names mentioned and discovered this amazing medieval history. I completed the first version of The Infidel and Veritas in 1991, after submitting to a US agent, the manuscript was stolen and converted to a movie treatment, which was passed around Hollywood and got funding for a major production. The production company filed for bankruptcy, so the movie was never made, but when I found out what had happened it made me very afraid to submit my work to anyone. Twenty years later, after a pretty traumatic divorce, I rediscovered my writing ability and my partner badgered me to send my new version of the series to publishers. It was accepted by a US publisher, who published the first edition of The Infidel and then a year later – True North picked up the series, and reissued The Infidel in a second edition, along with the sequel – Veritas.
  2. What do you do when you are not writing? Reading, travel, cooking (I love cooking big meals for my family). I’ve just started learning how to preserve fruit and veggies. We live on small acreage, so I love to get into the garden, and go bushwalking with my partner and our dogs.
  3. Do you have a day job as well? I write non-fiction books and articles and work as a consultant organizational profiler and keynote speaker.
  1. When did you first start writing and when did you finish your first book? Was it any good? My mother and her cousin were both teachers and so they created my home-school curriculum from the age of 5 (because of my frequent absence from school due to illness). It involved a lot of history and art, and some very old history books. I think that’s where I got my love of history and story telling. Being alone a lot, I had to develop my imagination and wrote my first play at age 8. My school performed it for dignitaries and that’s when I realized writing was something I could do to communicate with the world, even from my sick bed. It was then submitted to our public broadcaster and converted to an episode of a popular children’s TV show.
  2. How did you choose the genre you write in? I think historical fiction chose me – my passion for history has been constant for as long as I remember. I am also working on a magical realism / science fiction series, but it does involve a fair bit of time travel into remote history.
  3. Where do you get your ideas? It’s like going on a quest. I read something about a historical event – usually a more obscure one – and then I start to research the period and event, the people, the time and context. I immerse myself in the history and then all of a sudden the scenes appear, fully fledged like movie scenes in my head and I write them down.
  4. Do you ever experience writer’s block? After The Infidel was stolen, I couldn’t write fiction for about 20 years. I wrote a musical about Joan of Arc, and focused on non-fiction and technical writing for the next 20 years.
  5. Do you work with an outline, or just write? I use Scrivener now, so it’s easy for me to create character sheets and set up the outline and then add the content as it emerges from out of my psyche. I use maps and timelines a lot, so that I can keep the history accurate and ensure my characters are in the right place at the right time.
  6. Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult? Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Cien Anos de Soledad – is my favourite book of all time. Marquez writes how I think. The whole idea of writing stories as you would tell them verbally, really appeals to me, because that’s how I grew up – hearing the stories of my relatives, and hearing them told as stories within stories. I also love Umberto Eco, Kenneth Follet (of course) and Raymond E. Feist.
  7. Can you tell us about your challenges in getting your first book published? When I first wrote The Infidel, I got a lot of encouragement from Australian publishers, but as the content was non-Australian they didn’t have the authority to publish it here. They recommended I send it to the UK, who then recommended I get an agent and send it to the US.In the early 90s publishing in Australia and the UK was going through a tough time, so this was good advice. I found two agents who seemed to have multiple offices worldwide, and sent my manuscript to them both. Both made offers to represent the book, and I chose the one that seemed more established. I sent sample chapters, a synopsis and character summary. (This was pre-internet so it was all by snail mail, and fax) They wrote back saying they thought they had a buyer and the feedback from reader groups was very positive, and that I should send the entire manuscript, which I did.

    Then all communication stopped.

    There were fires in California at the time, so I thought maybe they’d been affected. I waited, phoned, faxed, wrote – but no reply. I even went to the US Consulate and they told me the company had filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and their offices and phone number were defunct. I was confused and so disappointed. I couldn’t figure out why they hadn’t contacted me. About a year later I saw an article in the newspaper describing the cancellation of a major Hollywood movie project.

    They described the story – it was my story. I went to solicitors and they wrote to the production company, informing them that we believed the script to be an unauthorized adaptation of my manuscript. They never replied. My lawyers told me that if the movie had been made, I would have been able to sue, but as it was never produced, there was not a lot I can do. I believe the agents pocketed a seven-figure fee, but I’ve never been able to find a trace of them. 20 years later. I reworked The Infidel and began submitting to publishers. You can imagine how terrified I was. This time I was fortunate and heard back from one that was willing to move forward.

  8. If you had to go back and do it all over, is there any aspect of your novel or getting it published that you would change? As difficult as it was initially, I wouldn’t change a thing. I think The Infidel and Veritas are better for the gap of 20 years. The graphic violence and sex in my books is much better accepted now, and the characters and plot have benefitted from the added life experience the intervening years have provided.
  9. How do you market your work? What avenues have you found to work best for your genre? Which don’t work at all? I have found book signing events are fabulous for getting media, interviews and creating a buzz. I sell well at these events, and the pre and post publicity always gives me a bump in sales. I also work with a major charity and we create events that generate donations for them and publicity for me. I donate a percentage of my sales to them as well. I have a strong social media presence and use that to promote book releases, or Kindle sales, book launch events etc., and that seems to work very well also. I approach book stores to stock my books, and usually they do. There’s nothing better than seeing your book in pride of place in a book store, or having friends send photos when they see it in their local bookshop. The main thing is to create a buzz, have a schedule of events to promote your book out in the community. I also found blogging about the subjects matter works well.
  10. Can you tell us about your upcoming book? Veritas – just released – is the sequel to The Infidel, and part of The King Maker Saga. It follows the fate of Gian after his capture in Cappadocia by the Varangian guard and the horrific death of Ishta. Burned, incapacitated and full of rage, Gian finds himself under house arrest in the court of the exiled Emperor of Byzantium in Nicaea. He is tutored by the enigmatic Maurus and finally discovers the truth about his parents, only to be plunged back into danger and loss. Meanwhile, back in Venice, Lara escapes her convent prison, only to find herself on the run from the agents of the Archbishop of Venice. I loved doing the research for this book, as a large percentage is set in one of the most interesting ancient sites in the world – Nevsehir.
  11. Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination? The context and plot are historically based, the majority of characters are historical figures, but the detail involves a fair amount of imagination. It’s important to me to get the history right, and I’ve had letters from readers letting me know reading my books motivated them to investigate the history for themselves.
  12. What project are you working on now? I’m working on both a prequel and sequel to Veritas. The prequel (Paul the Assassin) is about Paul of Tarsus and his role as an assassin of Christians in the first century CE. It’s exciting working in two time periods and getting into the secret history of early Christianity, accessing alternative accounts of what happened back then, as opposed to what we were taught in Church. I’ve had to study psychopathic serial killers to get into the mind of one of the main characters, and that’s been extremely interesting, and quite chilling.

The sequel to Veritas – Faventia – follows the two protagonists as they try to put their lives back together after some devastating experiences.– While Gian travels to medieval Malta and Egypt chasing the secret of his ancestry, Lara follows a trail of clues through northern Italy. Both books are rich in history and full of action, intrigue and of course sex.

  1. What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment? I was once told “Do the world a favour and don’t write!” That was pretty harsh. The best compliment is the fact that people who read The Infidel couldn’t wait for the sequel to be released and badgered me for a year, wanting to know the release date.
  2. Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers? Write, and keep writing. Write about what you love, where your passion lies. Don’t try to be anybody else. Write until you find your voice, and then write a lot more. Don’t take rejection personally, keep going until you break through, whether that takes you one year or twenty – it is worth it!
  3. Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans? Thank you – your enjoyment, your tears and laughter are why I write.
  4. With one sentence, write your own epitaph. Elisabetta was a devoted mother of 4, who taught her children to follow their dreams and believe in themselves despite rejection; she did what she loved, and that just happened to make a lot of people happy.


Twitter | Amazon Author Page | Website | FB PAGE

 Thanks Elisabetta, best of luck with your intriguing trilogy!

Anyone here love the sound of this trilogy? Have any questions for Elisabetta? Ask in the comments.

Want to buy this book or go check out the reviews for book one in the trilogy? Click HERE