A Slow Burn: A Post-Apocalyptic Horror

A Slow Burn: A Post-Apocalyptic Horror
It wasn’t the first time Bernie had woken up in a stranger’s house with a sore head, although it’d been a while.
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About the Book

It wasn’t the first time Bernie had woken up in a stranger’s house with a sore head, although it’d been a while. But the stench of rotting meat, an eerie silence, and the head wound were new. In search of illumination, she opens the curtains to find a post-apocalyptic world outside. Reason screams—those aren’t sleeping revellers at her feet… they’re clammy dead bodies.

Struggling to remember the events leading to her taking refuge under a stranger’s bed, Bernie stumbles around, wounded and disoriented. In desperation, she hunts down the living, but with death and destruction everywhere, isolation becomes a monster all of its own.

The events that led to this disaster begin to raid her mind, offering only snippets of forgotten information. When a girl finds her and leads her to other survivors, will Bernie remember the most important details in time to save them all, or are their fates irreversible?

Genres: Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Horror, Horror (Non-Speculative), Paranormal, Satire, Science Fiction, Short Story, Speculative Fiction
Tags: Dark Literature, Horror, Novella, Recommended Books
Publisher: WordsinSync Publishers
Publication Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781507031858
List Price: 0.99
eBook Price: 0.99
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About the Author
Shah Wharton

Shah Wharton has been a freelancer for almost four years, providing ghost writing, coaching and ghost editing services, and writes short horror fiction.

A professional background in psychology has given her a broad base from which to approach many topics. This poetry collection was completed for her Masters in Creative Writing course (2016-2018), and is her poetry debut. Her poems allude to many experiences, including those of mental illness and bereavement. Find out more at http://shahwharton.com.

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