Literary Related Hashtags For Authors (& Readers)




This is a list of literary-related hashtags, which will help authors with their book sales if they use them sparingly (so as not to annoy others) with their Facebook posts and Twitter tweets.


  • #amwriting: Useful on both Facebook ( and Twitter (, this hashtag is designed specifically for writers who are experiencing writers block and just want to relieve the anxiety.
  • #AmazonCart: The latest innovative thinking brought about by twitter and amazon, in a joint agreement. The hashtag is useful on both Facebook ( and Twitter (, and the ability to log into your amazon account with twitter gives it a fine tone for a great e-commerce partnership, one that will guarantee more book sales and free promotions for authors.
  • #eBook: Is useful on both Facebook ( and Twitter (, and gives the latest posts, accordingly.
  • #Books: Same use as the previous hashtag. Useful on both Facebook ( and Twitter (, and gives the latest posts, accordingly.
  • #Reading: Same use as the previous two. This hashtag is dominated by GoodReads users who are also on Twitter (
  • #Nook: Useful on both Facebook ( and Twitter (, and gives the latest posts according to Nook published books.
  • #ePub: Created specifically for independently published authors, this hashtag platform promote eBooks published on Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes, Nooketc. Useful on both Facebook ( and Twitter (
  • #Amazon: Considered the mother of all tweets. Here you can find everything Amazon related, most particularly books. Useful on both Facebook ( and Twitter (
  • #AmazonKindle: Same as the one above, but more useful for sale of Kindle Devices and eBooks. Useful on both Facebook ( and Twitter (
  • #KindleUnlimited: If your book is enrolled in the KDP Select program, then this hashtag is for you. It is where thousands of Kindle owners browse every hour in search of their next free book to download. As part of the new Kindle Unlimited program, anyone may now sign up to download free and unlimited amount of Kindle eBook for only $6.99 a month. #KindleUnlimited is thereforethe most active book tweeting platform for readers and writers, and you can get involve too. Useful on both Facebook ( and Twitter (
  • #IndieWriterSupp: Created by the @IndieWriterSupp twitter account, this hashtag is quickly catching on fire as far as free book promotions goes for indie writers, because the #IndieWriterSupp tweets automatically streams instantly, thereby generating hundreds of free views every days.
  • #Askagent: Literary agents are very busy people. Many of them are aware of this hashtag tweet and sometimes uses it. If you want to converse with one or query them via Twitter, you may use it as well, even if it is only to ask book related questions.
  • #readwomen2014: Created by writer Joanna Walsh (@badaude), this is a place for people to talk about the books they are reading, the authors they admire, link to relevant essays and articles and even share quotes from some of the books. It’s great to have a hashtag (and a Twitter handle) that encourages people to read more books by female writers.
  • #indiebooksbeseen: Useful on Twitter only, this hashtag is also catching fire among indie writers online.
  • #WeNeedDiverseBooks: We Need Diverse Books “is a grassroots organization created to address the lack of diverse, non-majority narratives in children’s literature.” Writers and publishing professionals have teamed up to tackle an important issue. The best part of this hashtag is that the movement started on Twitter. It just goes to show how conversations between a few people can lead to an actual movement. Useful on both Facebook ( and Twitter (
  • #Fridayreads: One of the most popular literary hashtags of all time on twitter. It even generated a global trend at one period of a time. Started by writer and book critic Bethanne Patrick several years ago, it is still one of the best ways to find out about good books. Useful on both Facebook ( and Twitter (
  • #writingprompt: Sometimes a 140 word or less prompt is all that you need to nudge you back into your writing action, and there is a community of writers here for you. Useful on both Facebook ( and Twitter (
  • #ParaDonBooks: Of course we would like to start an hashtag of our own, so show us your loyalty by involving #ParaDonBooks with your Twitter tweets and Facebook posts. I may retweet your tweets, and I’ll be looking for prospective authors to sign through this channel as well. You may follow us here on LinkedIn, or @ParaDonBooks.


If you have anymore to add to this list (and of course, more ar added all the time, so it’d be good to keep this list up to date), please either add them in a comment, or email them to me so I can add them to the list. 🙂

 This post was originally posted on Linkedin by ParaDon Books Publishing, who will launch on June 15, 2015. 

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  1. Since it was Greek to me, I Googled #AmazonCart and #AmazonWishList and learned at the Amazon website that these are no longer available for order placing. I imagine the hashtags are still useful, in general, though.

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