Dread: A #Horror Collection available in PRINT! Please spread the word. ;) #Amreading


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Today I’m celebrating the launch of the print edition of DREAD: A Horror Collection


What’s DREAD? For the past few months I’ve been rewriting horror shorts. Mostly because I’ve been too busy (or ill) to write new stories (although I’m chuffed to say I now have three WIPs). Also, I knew my stories could be, should be, so much better, cleaner, and powerfully structured. This is the hell that is a writer’s lot. We put stories out there, time passes, we learn how to be a better writer and we (I) just can’t help but write another edition. Otherwise, it feels like neglect… or is that just me?

These stories were first developed around five or six years ago (four years ago for A Slow Burn) so when I re-read them recently (oops, alliteration) I cringed at certain aspects. I did do a tidy up on A Slow Burn a while ago, but that was for the odd typo I’d missed (where do they come from?). What I’ve done this year has been much more. Especially with one, Rosa and Bella’s Journal of Decline which was always hit and miss with readers because only a few fully understood it. It had to be clearer.

You should know…  my horror never comes from a love of gore.

Horror is so much more than gore but it’s often a requirement for horror readers. Trouble is, it’s just not what I enjoy watching, reading, or writing. Not because I have a sensitive tummy. I don’t, not in that way at least. But because I don’t find those stories particularly scary. My horror preferences are psychological darkness, twisted humanity, manipulated minds. Even my post-apocalyptic stories concentrate on isolation, the dread of existing in a world largely alone or with strangers you have no choice but to trust. The best monster is a breaking mind, a splintered society, some deviance of humanity (in this life or another). These scare me because they’re closer to reality and can often reflect the darkness within us all. It’s also why zombies and vampires have found such a firm footing in the genre (although fashions are fleeting). These monsters are deviant forms of humanity, they are humanity gone ‘dead’ wrong. *Cringe!

Also, these are UK based and written using UK English. I have been emailed in the past for spelling errors which weren’t there. Just saying 🙂

Some may wonder why I’m bothering with old stuff. Well, the changes are new and the stories aren’t ancient. Apart from that, it’s great for practice. If for any reason writing something new is not an option then I rework something else until I can. This can be another authors work (don’t publish that) or your own (only republish if it’s an improvement). Whatever works, right?

Why PRINT a Story Collection? I never thought about printing this collection before but I’ve been reading a lot about the reemergence of paperback readers (and rise in audiobooks, though that’s not on the cards just yet). Years ago, I printed Finding Esta (no longer for sale) so knew it wouldn’t be a difficult process. Ultimately, the questions became, why not print? Plus, it’s always fun to hold my stories in my hand. 🙂

Here’s the print cover front and back:

If anyone would like to blog about this for me, that would be blummin awesome. 🙂

Alternatively, feel free to use social media, such as Twitter or Facebook to share news about my book. I wish I had buys links for you, but don’t, so I’m sharing my Amazon international author page link, instead http://author.to/ShahWharton

Also, I’m happy to give review copies to those interested in this genre, in your choice of file. Use my CONTACT page to let me know. I’m currently awaiting reviews from two Ginger Nuts of Horror reviews (scariest thing ever)! They’re both local boys, which is rare so it’s fabulous to find them! Fingers crossed they enjoy my words. No seriously, cross your fingers! Ahem.

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