Which Author (Or Celebrity) Would You Contact in a Seance?

Which Author (Or Celebrity) Would You Contact in a Seance?

TaraGwenRoland and Angela are ready to celebrate the Halloween Holiday with a Seance. So I signed up.

You can sign up HERE. Or simply hop around the other participants and see who comes to call! *Spooky sound effects! :)

Heres what they said what we had to do (not in a Gestapo kind of way). 

Write a post about a famous deceased author or celebrity you’d like to contact in our seance! Why did you choose? And what would you like to say? We will haunt your blogs, reading about your choices, then the spirits will select winners to be announced on October 31. The prizes will be frightfully good, including copies of our books and more! We hope you will join us for a ghostly good time!


Check out THIS POST for inspirational ‘last words’ spoken from many famous authors. I chose to hold a séance to contact Edgar Allan Poe!  On October 7, 1849, at age 40, Poe died in Baltimore; the cause of his death is unknown. This is what he said before he died ‘apparently!’ Sounds about right to me though.



I wrote about Poe (because he rocks!) on my other blog a few months ago, and you can find that post here. It includes a short story I wrote (ages ago) for a challenge based upon The Raven.

You can find all the poems of Poe HERE. For a really great timeline of his life and accomplishments, go HERE. For a free audio book entitled 12 Creepy Tales of Poe go HERE.

Edgar Allan Poe

January 19, 1809-October 7, 1849

Nationality: American
Ethnicity: English
Birth Date: January 19, 1809
Death Date: October 7, 1849


Poe’s Legacy 

Poe’s work has earned him an enviable place in American literature. He is not only a pioneer of the short story, he’s America’s first major horror writer as well as the father of the detective story. His tales contain an almost timeless fairy tale-like quality; filled with grim dungeons, Gothic castles, dwarves and madmen, Poe’s fictional universe still exerts a hold on the imagination more than a century after his death. American International Pictures adapted eight of his stories into films beginning in 1960, and writers as disparate as H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King have cited Poe as a major influence on their work. 

     His poetry also exhibits an astounding popularity. “The Raven” is perhaps the most recognizable poem in the English language, its haunting sing-song rhythm and unforgettable imagery appealing not only to literary connoisseurs but also to school children and people who rarely read poetry. Everyone, it seems, knows the raven’s cry of “Nevermore.” 

     It is finally, then, his command of language that is his greatest bequest to posterity. From the classic opening line of “The Raven,” to the ornate description of the decaying House of Usher, Poe’s diction is often elevated and complex, but it could also be blunt and fragmented. Poe was a deliberate, precise wordsmith who labored over the placement of every dash and comma. Like Shakespeare, he could transcend the sordidness of his subject matter by the sheer force of his language. 

     Poe was not the first Gothic writer but he is undeniably one of the most potent. While other horror writers come and go, his place in horror literature will remain unchanged, for it is his work that has formed a lasting foundation upon which others continue to build.”

Written by Joseph Iorillo, first published in Dark Realms Magazine,
Issue #8, Fall 2002, 

Reasons to love Edgar Allan Poe!

  1. He’s intense. Anyone who’s read his short stories, or his dark poetry can testify to that. I’m not a small-talk kind of person, and intensity has always interested me.
  2. He was creative and neurotic. I can utterly empathise.
  3. He wrote one of my favourite poems – The Raven. It is haunting and reaches into the torture of a bereaved heart and the madness it inflicts upon the mind. That’s not easy, even for those who’ve experienced loss. And he did it using cool props, like the raven.
  4. He had a complicated personal life. He was burdened by addiction and blighted by his own flaws in character. All the very best characters are flawed.
  5. Because he was a trier. He carried on, no mater how crappy things seemed. Through the personal and professional loses, he got on with it.
  6. Because mystery surrounds him. Even his death is a mystery.

Please vote for your favourite Poe short and/or poem. You can make a few choices if you like. I did :) Tell your friends, especially Poe fans. :)



  1. I’m a big Poe fan. His writing is just sucks me in and his life is pretty interesting too.
    Southpaw recently posted..The Perfect Font, continuedMy Profile

  2. Great choice! I love your blog, very professional, might have to do some major work on mine! It is also nice to meet you.
    Carolyn Brown recently posted..FROM THE GREAT BEYOND BLOG HOPMy Profile

  3. Not one of my favourites, but nevertheless, a great literary figure!
    Michelle Wallace recently posted..Write… Edit… Publish: Haunting + From The Great Beyond Bloghop!My Profile

  4. This is wonderful, Shah! I love Poe’s stories and love reading about him. Such a tragic life.
    Gwen Gardner recently posted..A Haunting From The Great BeyondMy Profile

  5. wonderful poe post! you added intrigue and mystery to our seance! awesome!
    tara tyler recently posted..snap, crackle, POP!My Profile

  6. For dark and twisty, Poe is a right way to go. Love your choice and the details you share make him even more intriguing.
    Angela Brown recently posted..Calling From the Great BeyondMy Profile

  7. Poe was certainly a master of gothic poetry…. Truly my favorite poet of the age. AND, so fitting for this time of year!

    Wonderful choice.
    Michael DiGesu recently posted..HAUNTINGS FROM THE BEYOND …..My Profile

  8. Excellent choice!
    Misha recently posted..Skye Callahan’s Fractured LegacyMy Profile

  9. Happy Halloween, Shah.
    Emma Meade recently posted..Film Review: Hocus Pocus (Delightful)My Profile

  10. He died not long after his wife died, didn’t he? I wonder when he wrote his most tragic work? Well, guess you can ask him!
    Alex J. Cavanaugh recently posted..Latest X-Men: Days of Future Past and The Hobbit Trailers! Plus November Movie Preview, Horror Story Trivia, and the Ninja NewsMy Profile

  11. Excellent choice. Poe would be one of the writers I’d like to speak to as well. Just as long as he isn’t insane after death!
    Christine Rains recently posted..The Final Day of the 13th Floor Collection blog tourMy Profile

  12. Oh, he’s a dark one and perfect for a seance. I’m voting for The Raven as my favorite.

  13. Great choice! I like Poe because he seemed to know a lot about psychology even before theories were recognized. He understood human nature. I’ve always loved “The Tell Tale Heart.” Have a good weekend! :-)
    Lexa Cain recently posted..Look, Ma, I Can Animate!My Profile


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