Why Blogging Is Essential For Any Kind of Writer

Writers haven’t always had the internet at their disposal and if those trying to make it big as a journalist or author in the 80’s and early 90’s had the kind of technology we have now, they just might find it too good to be true.

The internet has made the written word highly valuable and important. Much more so than it ever was before. Businesses need blogs and advertisers are looking for sites with a lot of traffic, which is making a blog much more important and vital to the success of any kind of marketing.

If you’re already a writer and haven’t utilized the internet as a marketing tool for your own work, you’re missing out on a lot of potential advantages that modern technology has made available to you.

As a writer, having a blog means that you’re keeping readers engaged with your material and giving them a chance to read what you have to say on a more regular basis, outside of your published work.

Though shorter than most published works, blog posts act as a window into your writing and the published material that you’ve worked on and with time, it will bring you more readers and a more engaged audience than you would have had without one.

That’s essentially the big picture, so to make things a little more specific, we’ll look at four reasons that blogging is essential to any kind of writing career.


1. Building an online portfolio

A blog will eventually become a collection of your writing and published works that will be showcased online for anyone curious enough to find them. Many writers are found by publishing companies or interested readers simply because of the material they have showcased on their blog.

2. Establishing an online presence and following

As your blog gains attention and readers, people will start to seek out your books and be willing to pay for your material, since they already trust and enjoy what’s on your blog.

Blogs can often be used as a place to sell your eBooks, articles or even books that you’ve written and gotten published.

The bottom line is that if people like your blog, they’ll be interested and enthusiastic about the stuff you’ve written that they can’t see for free.

3. Generating ideas and maintaining creative energy

As far as your own writing ability is concerned, blogging is a great way to keep yourself sharp and bounce ideas around both to and from your other written material.

Don’t view the stuff you write for your blog as a waste of time. Instead, view it as an opportunity to be creative and generate ideas that could lead to either more blog posts or other publications.

4. It gives you a chance to work on something different

It’s not unusual to feel burnt out while working on a single project like a book or lengthy article. Being able to still be productive, while also taking a break from what you’ve been slaving away on, can really help your creativity and give your mind a much-needed break from the norm.

Finishing Up

As a writer, a blog will probably be more of your side project, but it’s a side project that can directly correlate to and market your own writing.

Take advantage of that opportunity and at least give it a try to see if it doesn’t boost your visibility and help make it easier for people to find you and make a connection with your work.

Guest Blogger:

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer and online marketing professional in Los Angeles. She currently writes content for the blog of HostPapa.co.uk, and finds it to be very helpful for her creativity, as well as her business.


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    Blogging is essential to better visibility, and this article is more evidence towards that claim. Though, blogging doesn’t come easy. It can be a trial and error adventure to find the right topic and audience. But, I find the challenge fun.

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