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I recently heard about a ROW80 author buddy of ours who has run into hard times. The original post is here. Please go read it. Basically, her husband is very unwell and could be for some time. Two blood-clots are the sickness, for which he’s receiving treatment.

This means no wages for an indeterminate amount of time for Lauralynn and her family. So, I wanted to join everyone else in trying to raise awareness. To help in some way. But how?

Kait Nolan (RWO80 creator and author) has set up a donations campaign (with yummy incentives to donate, should you need one) HERE!

Kait suggested we help like this:

 Here’s what you can do (pick one or all–your choice!)

  1. First and foremost, if you are interested and able, go buy one (or more) of Lauralynn’s books.  That’s direct support of her as an author and will additionally help with her rankings on various and sundry sales platforms, which will increase her visibility.  They are available across all major ebook platforms, and several are available in paperback.
  2. Tell your friends.  If you aren’t able to purchase (and even if you are), take the time to tell your friends about her books.  Post a tweet or a FB status update.  Use those social media platforms to get the word out.  If you’ve got a friend who likes ghost stories, tell them about See Me.  Know a reader who love vamps?  Well Guardian Vampire is just for them.  This costs you nothing but a little bit of time and could make a big difference in her visibility.
  3. If you are a published author and you have an ebook or paperback you can donate to the cause, email me at kaitnolanwriter (at) gmail (dot) com.  I’m working on putting together some prize packs for another scheme.  More details to come when I know what I’m working with.
  4. There is a Fundrazr campaign for direct donations.  People, there are over 6,000 of you on the #ROW80 mailing list.  If everybody donated just $1, ONE, we could help out tremendously with two months of living expenses.  This bad boy comes equipped with every social media button imaginable so GO make your donation, whatever you can afford, and tweet, Facebook, Pin, Google+, email, whatever everybody to GET THE WORD OUT.
  5. And above all, drop by Lauralynn’s blog and let her know that we’re thinking about her and she and her hubby are in our prayers and thoughts

INCENTIVES:  Giveaway Fundraiser

So, without further ado, the prize packs are as follows:

So fly to the Fundrazr to DONATE if you have not already, and then go FILL OUT THE INCENTIVE FORM to select which price pack you’d like to be entered for.  They have raised a whopping $1766 so far.  Let’s see if we can top $2500!


So, for those of you who don’t know Lauralynn, here’s a little lowdown:

Info taken from her blog.

About LauraLynn Elliot

I’ve always loved to write, even as a child. At some point I became discouraged, thinking I wasn’t good enough, and stopped writing. But then I met my author friend, Zoe Winters, and she encouraged me to start writing again. Thank you, Zoe.

I write paranormal and fantasy romance books, which are sold in the Amazon Kindle Store,,,, and more coming soon. I like putting a different twist on some old ideas, and you might find vampires, ghosts, wizards, elves, and other interesting creatures in my books.

Lauralynn’s Books

A Rocky Path

After losing her husband, Emily Adams leaves the life she has begun to hate and starts a new life in Maine, working for a well-known author. As she explores a path down to the rocky shoreline, she meets a very talented artist who is both attractive and mysterious. She finds herself falling for him, but there is something strange and puzzling about this man. Then Emily finds some old letters, journals and paintings which cause her to make a shocking discovery about the man she loves that changes everything about their relationship?and everything she believed about the world.

AmazonBarnes & NobleSmashwordsSonyKobo

Club Blood

After Detective Kerry Harrison’s partner dies, she is paired with Ethan James who is both good-looking and infuriating. They are assigned to a murder case in which Kerry and Ethan disagree about the guilt of the suspect. Further research into the case causes them to find that there have been similar murders in other places and that the suspects are all members of a secret club. Kerry finds out that Ethan not only knows most of the suspects, but also has knowledge of the club. Their partnership and friendship is tested when Kerry learns the true nature of the club… and Ethan’s involvement.

AmazonBarnes &NobleSmashwordsSonyKobo

Guardian Vampire

After witnessing something so terrible in a nightclub that it causes her to lose her memory of it, Kendall St. John finds herself the target of ruthless killers. Her father hires a bodyguard, Logan Steele, to protect her, but everywhere they turn, the killers continue to find them. As Kendall and Logan struggle with their feelings for each other, Logan struggles to protect her from the killers…and from himself.

AmazonBarnes & NobleSmashwordsSonyKobo

See Me

When Maddi Drake inherits an old house from her great aunt, she decides to move in and fix it up. But it seems she isn’t quite alone there. Then she meets the perfect man…so she thinks. But someone in the house disagrees.

This novella combines a little mystery, a little humor, and a little romance for a quick, entertaining read.

Amazon, Barnes &Noble, SmashwordsSonyKobo


When Lauren Drake takes a job redecorating a house, she never dreamed her life was going to change so drastically. She is given a room with a large mural on the wall depicting a world much different from her own. One day she steps through the mural into Starfane. In this strange and beautiful world she finds herself having to choose between two men – one very good, and one very bad. In the meantime, she is working desperately to help a man in her own world find out why he has lost the ability to feel. Lauren finds love, desire, anguish, and danger in Starfane…but she never could have imagined the real truth behind the mural and the three men in her life.

Amazon, Barnes &Noble, SmashwordsSonyKobo

Dark Relic: Vampires’ Curse (Book One in the Libby Fox Series)

Libby Fox is just a regular private investigator, snooping on cheating business partners and wayward husbands. That is, until Adam Ryder walks into her office and asks her to find a missing person. Before she even gets a chance to do much investigating, it turns out that the missing person has been kidnapped to force a trade for a beautiful and dangerous artifact, and Libby’s job description changes to hostage exchange. But there is more to her client than she could possibly have realized, and Libby is drawn into a world darker than she dreamed had existed. Now she’s torn between the feelings she’s beginning to have for Adam, and the fact that he lives in a world she’s not sure she can be a part of.

AmazonBarnes and NobleSmashwordsSonyKobo

Secrets of the Wolf (Book Two in the Libby Fox Series)

While private investigator, Libby Fox, is still trying to wrap her mind around the fact that vampires exist and that she actually has feelings for one of them, she’s drawn into yet another case where there’s more to her client that meets the eye. When Blake Harding walks into her office, hiring her to find a secret book very important to his family, Libby has no idea of the danger involved. She learns that their are things out there more dangerous than vampires as she searches for the Secrets of the Wolf.

AmazonBarnes and NobleSmashwordsSonyKobo

Search for the Vampires’ Curse (Book Three in the Libby Fox Series)

The third and final novella of the Libby Fox Series, Search for the Vampires’ Curse, takes Libby, Adam, and friends from the bayous of Louisiana to the rain forest in Brazil. In this story, the search for the deadly cross introduced in book one continues. Meanwhile, Libby and Adam continue to question whether or not a relationship between them is possible. Will Libby take a chance and ignore her fears, or will she let Adam go for good? Find out the answers in the conclusion of the Libby Fox series.

AmazonBarnes and NobleSmashwordsSonyKobo

Vampires’ Curse (Libby Fox Trilogy)

The Libby Fox novellas are now available in one book! Dark Relic: Vampires’ Curse, Secrets of the Wolf, and Search for the Vampires’ Curse are all included in this compilation, Vampires’ Curse. You can follow Libby and Adam’s story from the beginning all the way to the end, plus you’ll save $1.98 if you buy this book instead of buying the three novellas separately.

AmazonBarnes and NobleSmashwordsSonyKobo

Haunted Lake

After losing her best friend in a fire, Rachel Madison rents a cabin on Misty Lake, trying to work through her guilt and sorrow. While there, she meets two men, one good looking and friendly and the other handsome, but scarred. Soon, she realizes that the peace she was trying to find here wasn’t to be, as supernatural events begin to take place. The strange encounters with ghosts at the lake cause Rachel to form a strong bond of friendship with the two men. The three friends move closer and closer to danger as the events unfold to a possible tragic result.

AmazonBarnes and NobleSmashwordsSonyKobo

The Gnome

When Tara Reed inherits her grandmother’s house, she shudders at the ugly lawn ornaments she finds, one which is even politically incorrect. Although she plans to eventually get rid of them, she decides to leave them until her friends come for a visit so they can all have a laugh. Little does she know there’s much more to these statues, and to her family, than she can imagine. When the sheriff, Jake Tyler, tells her the circumstances surrounding her grandmother’s death, she begins to wonder if there’s something strange going on at her house. When her friends come for a visit, Tara realizes they are all being hunted by something supernatural. Tara and her friends fight for their lives in this tale of magic and horror. Will any of them survive the creatures that have been brought to life by one man’s selfish purposes? Will the sheriff be able to save Tara, or will she have to depend on herself for survival? Find out in this chilling story of terror, friendship, and love.

AmazonBarnes and NobleSmashwordsSonyKobo

The Beast in the Mirror

He watches her from the shadows of the ruins. But he can never let her see him, the cursed beast that he has become. But when he falls in love with her, he thinks just maybe she will accept him as he is.

A twist on an old fairy tale, The Beast in the Mirror is a short, sweet love story between a beautiful young woman and a beast that has been cursed by a witch to be ugly forever.

This is a short story and is .99 at Amazon and free everywhere else.

AmazonBarnes and NobleSmashwordsSonyKobo

Soul of a Vampire

A vampire searching for what was taken from him.

A woman who may have the answers.

Nikolas longs for his soul even as the darkness in him tries to take over. Tessa searches frantically for a way to help Nickolas before it’s too late. Together they fight physical and emotional battles in their quest for the one thing that could allow them to be together. Will they make it before time runs out?

AmazonBarnes and NobleSmashwords


So, you can buy a book from Lauralynn, enter the fundraiser (for a chance to win more books), help and great lady and her family – all while, well, getting books! See a negative here? NOPE!

Go to the Fundrazr to DONATE, then FILL OUT THE INCENTIVE FORM to select which price pack you’d like to be entered for.

Good luck at the fundraiser!

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