Trying hard & making progress #ROW80

Okay, bit late again. But it’s still Sunday so not too late :) Here are my latest updates – I’m trying really hard. And I’m making progress.

Shah the Willing Writer

I tried to print off the first draft of Finding Luna, but it all went wrong. My printer starts from the back and works toward the beginning, I don’t know why and I cannot change this anywhere. Also, if it runs out of paper, or stops suddenly for no apparent reason, when you press start, again, it starts from the last page again. Even if you manipulating it in the page/print set up. So I have two sets of the last ten chapters, and none of the first ten chapters – and now I have run out of ink and paper. Next stop – a stationary shop to replenish supplies. If only patience with technology sat next to the ink cartridges. Grr…

Shah the Marketing Wizz

Sorting out reviews, two book tours (see the bit about blogging below), maintaining social media connection, clearing out the Twitter backlog, reading several marketing PDF’s and books – I should list these here at some point, shouldn’t I ? And well, loads really, updating the profiles and various accounts, including this blog.



Shah the Imperfect Publisher

I am getting through the fabulous proof-read suggestions quickly, thanks to the very wonderful Shan. I can’t wait to update everyones file (if you have one and would like to receive the final proof, it’s free to those who already have one so get in touch in around a week or two), including the one sent to draft2digital, and Bookrooster, is presently suspended until I can do so. I’ve received a few good reviews on Amazon, so it looks like my nightmare chapter-swap and error-blindness hasn’t completely blown me out of the water just yet.

Still haven’t sorted out the TAX issue – Bad Shah!

Shah the Pro Blogger

I’ve updating a million plugins, updated my profile… oh no. No one needs to hear about my boring blog maintenance and I can’t bear to regurgitate it all here. I did write all my blog fest posts (check the sidebar and link up too) and visited all the ROW80 participants for sponsor (and then some). I also commented on some of the IWSG bloggers (though nowhere near enough). I have to repay visits from some of your guys – if that’s you, claim your visit in the comments below. Bad Shah is lagging behind a little. I also wrote several guest posts, one of which is a character cast post (where I select and speak as the characters from my book), which was interesting. These will be showing for the March tour organised by the wonderful Bards & Sages. Watch this space for announcements! 😀

Shah the Ready Reader

Still reading this book – I Love You to Death (I know, it’s taking ages – I’m not finding much reading time, to be honest). I’ve been reading a little Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne, which is great so far, and want to pick up Plot and Structure: Techniques and Exercises for Crafting a Plot that Grips Readers from Start to Finish (Write Great Fiction) for some much needed guidance – you can never know too much (and I sure as hell don’t)!

Charlaine’s series is ending, so I’m in no rush to close the series by rushing through these books.  Deadlocked: A True Blood Novel (Sookie Stackhouse 12) & Dead Reckoning: A True Blood Novel (Sookie Stackhouse 11) Although I am eager to know what happens, I will find it difficult to say goodbye to Sookie and her crazy companions.

Shah the Fitness Superhero (or not!)

I’d get no exercise at all if I didn’t have Bobby. Dogs really are a (wo)mans best friend!

Please click the link to find fabulous #Row80 participants HERE


My blog tour is still going on so excuse me if I tag this onto the end of this post.

VBT Schedule

Feb 4: Brianna’s Bookshelf
Feb 6: Danita Minnis
Feb 7: Pink Fluffy Hearts: Diary of a Coffee Addict
Feb 7: Veiled Secrets Reviews
Feb 8: Aspired Writer (Review)
Feb 8: Coffee Beans & Love Scenes
Feb 13: Deep In The Heart Romance
Feb 13: Sweet n’ Sassi (Review)
Feb 15: Janna Shay’s Fair Play
Feb 16: Musings of a Writing Reader
Feb 17: The Avid Reader
Feb 18: Kristy Centeno (Review)
Feb 18: Salacious Reads (Review)
Feb 18: Triad Literary

Follow this VBT (virtual book tour) to enter a contest at each participating stop for a chance to win an

eBook copy of Finding Esta.”

More entries = more chances to win!

Contest is tour-wide, open internationally and ends Feb 23.

Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.



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  1. says

    busy busy girl – if you find a store selling patience with tecnology could you ask if they do online shopping then I could treat myself as well – printers can be (unmentionable words):( otherwise you seem to be on top of so many things – well done and all the best this coming week:)

  2. says

    I hate technology too. It feels like when ever there is something really urgent to do it crashes and burns. What are the Sookie Stackhouse books like? I’ve recently got myself addicted to True Blood and am debating whether to get stuck into the books too.

  3. says

    Boy, Shah, I really don’t know how you do it sometimes! What an insane schedule. I think you really need to give yourself a day off soon. :)

    Otherwise, good luck with the blog tour and the rewrites and let us know how it goes!

    • says

      Oh come on Ruth, I know you treble my work-load! I stopped by your blog and flew over to those books offers. I never get time to read, but I still love to accumulate files on my Kindle. :) x

    • says

      You juggle all sorts of lives – student, author, blogger, woman (and major inspiration! Compared, I am more like the grey clown on a dodgy carnival. 😀 But it’s yummy to have you here, Lena. X

  4. says

    Wow, you are one productive lady. I’m pulling for wonderful things to happen with Finding Esta, and I can’t wait to read it (thanks for the newest copy). Now, I need to run and be productive. 2013 has proven to be a sluggish year for me so far.

    • says

      Oh I’ll have to give you yet other file once Shan has proofed it for me, so don’t start reading it yet. 😀
      And oh I don’t think you’re anywhere near sluggish, Tia! :) X

  5. says

    So much going on with you! I can iimagine your printer situation is very frustrating and hope you get it sorted soon! Have a wonderful week and hope you manage to squeeze more reading time in :)

  6. says

    You’ve had a busy and productive week, that’s good to hear! Sorry to hear about your printer acting out, hopefully the situation will be resolved soon. Hope you have a great week!

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