Challenges Continue #ROW80

Very quick report, because I’ve done very little of much consequence (although that doesn’t mean I’ve not been up to my eyeballs in stuff!) I have been having a steady recurrence of piercing headaches and this has meant that reading has been extremely slow. (I already read quite slowly). This has been burdensome regarding reading on Kindle, but more annoyingly, it’s preventing me from getting into back my WIP (Finding Luna #2 The Supes Series).  As you’ll know (or not) from last check in, I have a dodgy printer, so an attempt to remedy this issue fell foul. I’m considering buying a new printer.

Other than this, I received some extremely worrying information about a loved family member (I can’t go into it here) so I’ve been completely distracted. I hope things will ease off/settle down rewardingly this issue, or at least my stress about this issues, soon.

I’ve purchased Snowflake software and the book which goes with it… Not sure I’m thrilled with either right now. Give me time.  I got them because I cannot relax with Scrivener after the chapter mix up (and other oddities I’ve found along the way) so hoped this might be the answer. I’m not given it time yet, or the attention in deserves. Like I said, I’ve been distracted.

I’ve received some excellent reviews for Finding Esta lately… much to my amazement, all things considered, especially concerning my recent disaster. I have a few more to come from my VBT due on the 18th Feb, so I’m still a little knock-knee’d over those. Being reviewed is kind of like standing in the dock, awaiting judgement. I can almost smell the wood and hear the clearing of voices in the gallery! But five stars is always course for a stress-relieving happy dance. :)

Okay, the rest I’ll try to fit beneath my neat little subheadings.

Valentine’s Day:

Thought I wouldn’t get to see my hubs for yet another ‘special day’ and he turns up with a BOSE ipod doc (this seems extreme, I realise, but it is for us both really, as our older, much cheaper doc broke last week, and I listen to music all day every day, pretty much) and a gorgeous card (he always gets cute cards with teddies on them). And then he asked me out to dinner  – like a date. We ate at The Ivy and it was yummy. I do love my hubs. I’m one lucky wifey.

So, What did you do for Valentine’s? Or do you hate VD? (I admit, I used to HATE it when I seemed to be eternally single).

Shah the Willing Writer

No, no and none! I will eradicate the headaches and distractions if it kills me. I will also look into getting a new printer – one which actually prints forward and doesn’t completely restart a ‘job’ if it gets stuck half-way through a 200 page MS  – so help me God! I’ve thought about participating in a writing challenge, over at Misha’s My First Book. We have to:

Pick your favorite place in the world. What does it look like? What’s the mood like?

You can have 50 or so words to create an introduction. The entry itself must be no longer than 300 words.

Scoring Parameters:

1) Clear, concise description.
2) Evocative writing.
3) Effective use of senses.

Closing date for entries: 3 March

I haven’t done any kind of writing challenge for ages now and it really is an inspiration, as well as brilliant practice. So I may have to just make time for it. Another reason why I posted it here (other than wanting to share this cool challenge with cool Rowers!) is to remind, encourage, and annoy myself to do it!

Editing: I have continued to apply any proofs sent by the fabulous Shannon. My MS is improving a little every day.

Shah the Marketing Wizz

I made a badge for the Bards and Sage VBT for next month and linked it up on my side-bar. I’m going to wait till all the proofs are in till I send out any more review/giveaway copies (lots to give out). I’ve gone through it a few times recently and know it’s massively better now, but another set of eyes is always going to see things I cannot, even after all this time.

* Did you know you can click a button on your Amazon settings to receive update on all the books your buy. So, for instance, all the improvements I’ve been making to my MS should have filtered to anyone who bought it from Amazon to read on Kindle, IF they’ve selected this option in their settings. I came across it quite by accident.

Did you know about this? Does it actually work?



Shah the Imperfect Publisher

I received a request for more information from draft2digital about the print version of my MS for Createspace, because you can give them the details and they do it for you. I’m not quite ready yet though. The MS has to be as near to perfect as possible before it’s goes to print. Plus, when I finally get to that stage, I’ll need my cover designer to work his magic first.

Still haven’t sorted out the TAX issue – Bad Shah!

Shah the Pro Blogger

I’ve had lost of issues with my blog over the past 48 hours, 28 of which left me without a blog. Hence, this post is late. iPage kept telling me the issue was resolved  when it certainly was not. Grr…. which didn’t help me keep a reign on impatience. Poor hubs got his head snapped off undeservedly on more than one occasion  as did poor Bobby. Eventually, I got my blog back. I worry that I might lose it for good one day, and it causes nightmares. Should it really matter so much? Aren’t there more deserving issues to lose sleep over? Of course there are, but this is my baby. I’ve lost blood, sweat and tears (okay maybe not actual blood) over the past few years. I couldn’t lose it!

Shah the Ready Reader

I finally completed I Love You to Death and boy, it was emotional! Fancy a great (more older YA then NA, in my humble opinion) book to make you cry and cry? Get it!

I’ve been reading more of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne, here and there, though I’m yet to pick up Plot and Structure: Techniques and Exercises for Crafting a Plot that Grips Readers from Start to Finish (Write Great Fiction) or the final two True Blood books: Deadlocked: A True Blood Novel (Sookie Stackhouse 12) & Dead Reckoning: A True Blood Novel (Sookie Stackhouse 11) but I am reading Chasing Amanda and Cassie Scott: ParaNormal Detective (the author of which, will interviewed me for the March VBT and will hopefully review my book once it’s fine-tuned).

Shah the Fitness Superhero (or not!)

No change here: I’m BAD! There have also been chocolates and Champagne cocktails for Valentines. Once my sis-in-law brings us our treadmill, I hope to get a little more into exercising.

Please click the link to find fabulous #Row80 participants HERE


My blog tour is STILL going on so excuse me AGAIN if I tag this onto the end of ANOTHER post. 😛

VBT Schedule

Feb 4: Brianna’s Bookshelf
Feb 6: Danita Minnis
Feb 7: Pink Fluffy Hearts: Diary of a Coffee Addict
Feb 7: Veiled Secrets Reviews
Feb 8: Aspired Writer (Review) 4* :)
Feb 8: Coffee Beans & Love Scenes
Feb 13: Deep In The Heart Romance
Feb 13: Sweet n’ Sassi (Review) – 5* 😀
Feb 15: Janna Shay’s Fair Play
Feb 16: Musings of a Writing Reader
Feb 17: The Avid Reader
Feb 18: Kristy Centeno (Review) Scary!
Feb 18: Salacious Reads (Review) Scary!
Feb 18: Triad Literary

Follow this VBT (virtual book tour) to enter a contest at each participating stop for a chance to win an

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More entries = more chances to win!

Contest is tour-wide, open internationally and ends Feb 23.

Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.



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  1. says

    Hello, Shah. Have you looked into Dragonspeak? My hubby uses this voice-activated program instead of a keyboard; would it help with your headaches to be able to simply close your eyes and “type” with words? Your progress this week still seems pretty wonderful, in spite of worrying about family (or enjoying Valentine’s). I’ll check out FINDING ESTA and really am intrigued by that blog hop you describe. Keep persevering! I did sign up for your new e-mail list but somehow missed out on the zombies . . . maybe next time. Hope the muse soon returns.

  2. says

    Hey Beth, I got straight onto that and emailed you The Dead Party – you were promised zombies, and by golly, you shall have them! :) Love to know your thoughts.

    I do hope you’ll enjoy Finding Esta. I’m receiving great feedback so far, which is humbling. I do have an old version of Dragon Naturally Speaking, but I bought for my PC and now have a MAC. I didn’t use it much on PC (it never transcribed what I spoke – it always took so long to edit it afterwards – so I gave up. But I imagine these things improve massively over time so I may look into it again. Thanks Beth.

    I’m off you visit your ROW80 post. X

  3. says

    Headaches are the worst. I hope you get rid of them soon. I’m finding the more I read on my computer and Kindle (editing, blog reading, and even book reading), the more trouble I have with my eyes and headaches. Lately, I’ve been trying to read only paperbacks to give my eyes a break, but most of my newest books are on Kindle. UGH!

    So thrilled for the good reviews, and wishing you all the best for Book 2 progress!

  4. says

    Thanks for mentioning the WMC! I hope you can come up with something good. 😀

    I have such sympathy with your headaches! When I went to Berlin, I had an allergic reaction to the heating in the buildings, which resulted in me walking around teary-eyed and with a constant headache which didn’t go away until I went to a doctor in South Africa.

    No one really understands how impossible a headache can make reading and writing until they’ve experienced a proper one. I really hope yours goes away or that you find a solution to it soon.

    • says

      Thanks for sympathy Misha. Still have it… I’m popping pills but it’s unrelenting. I’m used to cluster-type headaches, which I’ve had for years, but lately it’s effecting my vision and sleep. *Groan* Stress can be a great instigator, but also a drain. There has to be an end. 😀

      I will try to do your WMC. I wanted to do the last one, but kept putting it off. I think it’ll be a great writing exercise. :)

  5. says

    Oh no! You are the second author I’ve read about who is suffering from headaches. It’s like a writer’s curse around here.

    Hope your head is feeling better and good luck on your blog tour!

  6. says

    Sorry to hear about the headaches, Shah — that’s horrible for writing! Hope they stop bothering you soon!

    Glad to hear your progressing with the new round of edits anyway. And it sounds like you really do have a wonderful hubbie to give you some happy moments despite all the present trials and tribulations. *hugs*

    • says

      They really are a pain, Everyone gets them of course, and I get them often too, but sometimes they get quite intolerable! Especially when they stare at computer screens, kindles screens, and/or the written word, seemingly 24/7. I need a break, but then I’d only have to catch up! And yes, I am one lucky wifey. 😀

  7. says

    Shah, I’m so sorry to hear that the headaches continue. Like you and Tia, I think my constant computer use at the day job and at home are to blame. I picked up a paperback from my burgeoning TBR shelf over the weekend–what an odd feeling. Here’s hoping you feel better soon!

    Congratulations on the good reviews!

    • says

      Go to your manage my kindle page and there should be a message which pops up saying it’s available and click here to switch it on, or something like that. Great little service. Of course, my husband synched his kindle purchase for an update – it said it was updating – but when he received the update, it wasn’t the latest file. How do we know? Because he was updating my book and I know what the update should look like. But there have been quite a few updates so perhaps they in a queue and he’ll receive them one by one? Rather than going to the latest file? Not sure. Still it’s worth switching on. 😀

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