Are you a PUFF? Guest Post by Author of Young Adult Paranormal Novel: Neverlove, Angela Brown.


Neverlove – “For Abigail and Basil, there is a choice they both fear

making.  Duty or love?  There can be only one.”


The Book Blurb

For seventeen-year-old Abigail, one rash decision leads to an unexpected chance for redemption. At V’Salicus Academy, a unique institute where she trains to become an agent of heaven, she struggles with the pain of her past, the changes of the present and accepts a loveless future until her path – and heart – crosses with Basil’s.

Basil’s off-chance slip of the tongue binds him to a life of servitude to the Devourer, the master of hell. His existence has no upside until a chance meeting with Abigail brings new perspective.

Keeping the truth of their present lives from each other brings disaster when secrets are brought to light and the life of Abigail’s mentor is put on the line.

Can Abigail and Basil save her mentor and salvage their love amid the chaos? Or will they lose it all, destined forever to NEVERLOVE?

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The Guest Post


by Angela Brown


P aranormal
U rban
F antasy
F un!

Fiction is awesome all of its own accord. Made up stories, some with more reality than meets the eye, written to entertain, frighten, ensnare our hearts or brighten our day. Many genres/subgenres abound, but I’d have to say I’m a PUFF girl. Give me a paranormal or an urban fantasy novel any day to soothe my reader’s soul. Tell me a tale about angels and demons, heaven and hell, or a cozy ghost mystery like Gwen Gardner’s Givin’ Up the Ghost. Deliver mystical magic, shapeshifters and diviners like in Ilona Andrews’ Magic Bites set in an alternate Atlanta. Or hand me vampire hunters like L.A. Banks’s Vampire Huntress Legends.
Why be a PUFF girl or a PUFF guy? One main reason comes to mind. Paranormal and urban fantasy aren’t “scientifically” explained. It’s the mythos, the unknown, the ability to stretch the imagination. Stephenie Meyer wrote that vampires could walk in the sun but their glittery glow would blind the masses if they all gathered in one place at one time and went shirtless. In a novella I’m currently working on, it is by the blood of a unicorn that vampires can live beneath the sun.  With the help of a strong enough witch, a loving pair of vamps can use the unicorn’s magical blood to conceive and birth a true vampire – a little secret known only to a small sect of unified vampires, witches, warlocks and lycans.
Speaking of lycans, let’s not restrict the “were” change to just wolves. There are werepanthers, werebears, were-whatever. Shapeshifters, as they are often referred to.
Don’t forget zombies. Leave it to movies like Zombieland to teach you how to survive the zombie apocalypse with humor that makes you fall on your side with laughter. Warm Bodies gives zombies something they thought they lost: a heart.
Paranormal and urban fantasy are limitless, their stories difficult to squeeze into one tiny box.  Its this boundlessness that is an attraction as well.


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Angela Ferrell
Angela Brown

The Author Bio

Born and raised in Little Rock, AR, Angela now calls Central Texas home.

Reading and writing have been lifelong passions. It was around the time she gave birth to her forever-love, nicknamed Chipmunk, that she really took writing seriously. After all, how could she teach her child to follow her dreams if she hadn’t tried herself?

As a YA fantasy/sci-fi reader and author, she favors the magical, mysterious, the darker side of life…even harbors a secret fright for things that go bump in the night.

NEVERLOVE is a special project spawned from a blog-challenge-turned-blog-opera, the Abby and Basil affair. It is the first in the Shadow Jumpers series.



Angel would like to ask you a question: 


So are you a PUFF girl or a PUFF guy?

I’d love to hear other stories of what attracted you to

the paranormal and urban fantasy.

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    It had been a long time since I read anything paranormal or fantasy. Until the first Harry Potter came along and got a lot of hype. I was in college at the time and didn’t really have time for it. But I missed having a good read that didn’t have all the wherefores and heretos so I read it. Then, a PUFF girl was re-born! Never looked back.

    Thanks for the shout-out, Angela!

    Hello Shah!

  2. says

    I love that paranormal fic can take such a variety of forms. Some I love to read, others, not at all, but there’s always space for everyone. 😀

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