How Do You Make Your Social Marketing More Social?

Please welcome back the wonderful Kristine Esser with her thoughts on social media.

SEO Social Pyramid
SEO Social Pyramid

These days, blogs are used by both businesses and individuals to promote themselves, increase exposure and ultimately increase their bottom line. An ongoing blog is an excellent way to share insights and information, as well as stay in touch with clients and potential clients. Blogs are free or very affordable to create and maintain, and function as both a marketing tool and a way of making your website, business or organization more “sticky” as people return time and time again.

The first key to a successful blog is, needless to say, quality content. Without great quality content that provides some sort of genuine value, readers will not return to your blog to check out future posts. Blogging requires a certain degree of integrity and a sincere motive to connect with and help your readers, to be of service to them. With this genuine desire to contribute at the core of your blogging efforts, ideas for great blog posts will naturally emanate from this positive energy.

But how can you promote your blog to maximize its exposure? You’ll receive some traffic organically if your blog is a component of your existing website. If, however, your blog is the standalone hub of your business, you’ll need to employ inbound marketing techniques to draw viewers in to your blog, enabling them to engage with you and become subscribers. One of the most dynamic ways to do this is through social media.

Sharing your posts via social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, a LinkedIn online portfolio and even on Pinterest can help your blog to gain significant traffic and exposure. However, each of these social media outlets has certain features that can be maximized as follows:

Facebook / Twitter / Google+

All of these outlets allow for posting just like within your blog, except they’re conducive to much shorter posts. Use these shorter entries to alert your followers about each blog post as you create and post it, including a clickable link or tiny URL, even in your Twitter account.


LinkedIn is not always seen as a way to directly promote websites or blogs, but it is a social media outlet that continues to grow and become more dynamic all the time. The ability to create an online visual portfolio provides a great opportunity to include your blog, as well as the most up to date posts and entries.


You can easily share blog posts via Tumblr using either the “photo” or “text” option. Copy the HTML code of your blog post and choose either “text” or “photo,” then follow the prompts. Use the “HTML” option and paste the link of your blog post. You’ll also have to copy and paste your blog post’s title.


Another great way to promote your business and blog is via a YouTube account. Make some of your posts video posts (sometimes called “vlogging). Create a video that captures the spirit of your blog, your business and what you are all about. Be creative! Video allows a level of expression that just doesn’t come through in your writing, and it can be a great complement to your written blog posts.

There are just some of the ways you can promote your blog via social media. It’s worth the time and effort, and you’ll likely increase your traffic exponentially.

Kristine is crazy for poetry and freelance work. When she isn’t walking her dog, Pete, she is working on her book of poems. Tweet Kristine Esser here


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