Bowing to Life’s Will – #Row80 #fiftyfifty Updates R2:10/06/12

“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.” – Samuel Johnson
                                                                                                                                                                                              A Round of Words in 80 Days is the ‘writing challenge that knows you have a life.’  ROW80 is the challenge that champions the marriage of writing and real life.” You will find me linked up here,  with all the other check-in’s.
Round 2 runs from April 2nd – June 21st. For previous updates check out my ROW80 page.
This update is early because I wrote it while I had the chance to do so…
It’s raining and cold in June – It can only mean one thing – I’m home in good old Blighty. Yep – I got soaked within a few moments of leaving the airport on our way to our hire-car. Would England be the same without doubts followed by floods, during the so-called summer months? Of course not. :) Great to see family earlier, after catching up on a few other things like accessing IVF notes for future treatment (rigmarole!) and other boring stuff. More family throughout the next few days.
Then friends. Then London….

As I said last check in, we got to see  Sweeney Todd in the West End Friday evening, we eat at a lovely restaurant at the Oxo Towers in London on Friday evening (never been there but it looks exciting), then travel back to family Saturday. Monday 18th we return back to Dubai.


Now for the (ridiculously inadequate) update.


 Writing Goals

  1. Continue to edit manuscript ready for Beta readers (round 1) to commence mid April. (UPDATE: End of June)
  2. Round two Beta readers to commence approx mid-May. (UPDATE: End of July)
  3. Editing proper to commence approx mid-late June. (UPDATE: August)
  4. Try to participate in writing challenges
  5. Read more about writing
 1. I’ve done none since last update:
(2. & 3. (nowhere near)
4. Nope
5. Nope

Blogging Goals:


Schedule posts 

  1. For Shah Wharton’s WordsinSync (this blog) as required (re: reviews/book tours and ROW80 updates – plus writing randoms and memes).
  2. Update I beautify your pics  as required.
  1. I’m out of scheduled posts for the immediate future – been too busy to read for review and well – I wanted to have a break and read something I actually chose :). I will be reviewing that soon, but I was also too busy to respond to requests regarding book tours over the past months (with life and oh I dunno, stuff!) so I seem to have little planned. I’m not happy about this at all. Especially as I’m away now and can’t afford the time to write something of my own. So – If anyone would like to guest post here – nows the time to pitch it, either by email if you have my address or the contact page on this blog. Or leave your details in the comments section below :)
  2. Nope! (leaving this as too much on)

Visiting Blogs: 

  1. Visit everyone who visits me.
  2. Visit 10-20 blogs a day/average.
  3. Enter/link up at several hops a week.
  1. Nope – Behind on this. Will catch up though.
  2. Can’t do this while away.
  3. Nope.
  1. Reply to everyone who comments on my posts.
  2. Leave thoughtful and post relevant comments on at least 5 blogs daily/average.
  3. Comment on several other participants of each hop.

Sorry – can’t do this while away. :(

 Social Networking Goals:

  1. Share the best posts I visit on Twitter / FB / Google + (Check – all the automated stuff works without me – hurrah!)
  2. Share my new posts to Google + (Check – Nope – need to set this up to do auto actually)
  3. Tweet, mention, reply on Tweet Deck – daily (Nope)
  4. Update/Share on Triberr – daily (Check)
  5. Schedule posts on Crowed Booster/Check Stats – daily (Nope)
  6. Respond to anything on my FaceBook Page from LIKERs and on personal profile (Some)
  7. Participate in Novel Publicity’s Karmic Friday – (I did – but no time to catch up on LIKE’s)
  8. Try to do all this in no more than a few hours a day! (ifttt makes this a lot more possible)
  9. Update Amazon/Goodreads/Shelfari/Pinkerest when required. (Will have a few books and LOTS of films to update once I’m back – I watch loads in transit on the flights )

Other Goals:

Bookmark Break Challenge & challenge & Movie Madness
Completed the 50 movies requirement  ages ago (almost 80 movies watched) – on course to complete the fifty books (reading my 25th) requirement too. :)
I’m still loving the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ series. So shoot me 😛 Twilight wasn’t a literary masterpiece but it sucks people in and is addictive. What can I say? This series has serious merits (as well as it’s failings). Review to come.
I’ve watched six more movies since last update – Two with house guests in Dubai and four on the plane on my way to UK. I’ll watch another four on the way back. I may do a few reviews on some of those too. Mmm! Watch this space.
  • For a list of books/movies I’ve consumed 2012, check out the 2012 Challenges page.
  • Or check my Pinterest account for more colourful updates with my thoughts included.

So, not great progress, but it’s not going to be possible while I’m so busy. I am bowing to life’s will, if you like. And I’m determined to enjoy my family time while I can. Hope you are all doing much better (or just finding life  pleasurable disturbance). If you’re not a ROWer yet, consider joining the rest of us in setting and attempting to achieve writing (and other ) goals…..all the other fabulous Row80 participants are HERE.


I’ll also be taking lots of piccies during my stay – be prepared :) X

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  1. says

    What a fantastic trip! I’d love to visit England at some point, but Germany is first on my across-the-pond-adventures-wish-list. Scotland and Ireland run a close second. Ha. I wonder if I’ll ever get there…with kids and home rennovations, work and school schedules, and family visits …

    I will be traveling to Maryland in the next few weeks…it’s Induction Day at Annapolis and our daughter will begin her new adventure at the U.S. Naval Academy! I’m excited for her, and my husband is plotzing. Lol. A visit to see family in July, visits from family in July and August, Parent’s Weekend at the Academy in August…heck, before I know it, summer will be gone – a flash in the pan!

    Best of everything as you continue that editing! And here’s to fantastic feedback from beta readers! As for the summer reading….keep enjoying every page. I’m going to delve into Game of Thrones after I finish up my current WIP. I’ve heard such great things about this series :}

    • says

      Games of Thrones is brilliant (TV version) although I’ve heard at least one bad review of the books. Female characterisation being one negative element. I can’t personally comment on the books however. My husband and I are addicted to the TV series. Love it.

      Sounds as though you’re as busy as me throughout the next few months… hope we both find enough time to write/edit/publish somewhere in between all that. :)

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