New Year’s Eve – A Brief History

New Year’s Eve is a big party night to welcome the new year in, right? Well, yeah – of course. But where did that tradition come from?
Well as we’re all about to do some celebrating later on tonight, I thought I’d educate us all (although I’m sure some of you all ready know this).
Apparently, since the dark ages within Celtic countries, New Year’s Eve has always been celebrated – even more so than at Christmas. They had bonfires and kept them ablaze all night, hoping to ward off evil spirits and encourage the return of sun. They believed they were burning the old year away.
However, before 1600’s, celebrations took place on 6th January. Later, the 1st January officially became New Year Day and became included in the celebrations.
And you know while you’re putting on your new frock for your chosen New Year’s Eve party, but historically it was more usual for people to march through their town carrying cow hides, chanting Gaelic rhythms, beating skins with firewood and banging the walls of houses with clubs to keep unfriendly otherworldly beings away.
It was also usual to put a silver coin outside their houses on New Year’s Eve. If the coin was still there the following day it would indicate an affluent year ahead.
Later it matured into the tradition of putting  coal, a piece of bread and a silver sixpence there instead, for good luck and affluence. New Year was also the time for the completion of all domestic and trading.
Traditions still carried out are letting out the Old Year through the back door and the New Year in through the front door, at midnight.

To some it is still customary that the first person at the New Year to pass over the threshold should be a dark haired man offering coal or whisky for good luck in the New Year. Never followed either of these myself. Have/do you?

The celebration of New Year’s Eve, or Hogmanay (Moon of the Hag), is worldwide however, and millions of people from around the world, particularly in Edinburgh, London and New York, gather as one to rejoice at he new year, singing the Robert Burns song ‘Auld Lang Syne’ (which means for old time sake) after the midnight chimes. I myself, hope to be doing this later, though it’s our first New Year celebration in Dubai so who knows what will occur?
Anyway – If you didn’t know you have learned a little something to share with fellow party peeps later on. Preferably before they get too sloshed to use their brains 😉
Happy New Year to you and enjoy your New Year’s Eve celebrations – Be safe! 

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My First Ever Blog Award!

A special thank you goes out to Aubrie from Who’s Your Editor who gave me the Most Stylish Blogger award. My first blogging award and I’m chuffed to bits! 😉

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So, I have to share 7 things about myself, so here goes –

1) I have bipolar disorder

2) I am married

3) I have BSc(Hons) Psychology and qualifications in hypnotherapy, counselling and mentouring

4) I can’t drive because I nearly died in a car accident 2004 and everytime I think about taking my test, I have been involved in a accident

5) I believe in kindness, truth, love – but I am not religious

6) I cannot have children – IVF failed twice last year

7) I long to be a published author

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Do you have Borderline Personality Disorder ? Do you know what BPD is? Do you want to know?

If you have it, do you really know about it? I had bipolar disorder, worked with people with it, and had a brother with that diagnosis. But I didn’t really understand it, and still find I’m learning from it now. And for those of you who wonder what it’s all about, perhaps because you know someone with it, or think you are someone with it, read on. Knowledge is power, especially regarding mental health.

BPD: The Symptoms
A person with borderline personality disorder often has unsound relationships, low self-esteem, and problems with hasty behaviour. These generally begin in early adulthood.
Typical of this disorder is a fear of being abandoned or being alone. The fear is always there even if the threat of being abandoned is not. It could lead to anxious attempts to seize those people in your life, causing dependency issues. If you’ve ever wondered why you reject people you like, it’s probably a subconscious attempt to ‘get in first’ – believing that you reject them before they reject you, even though the threat of their rejection was not real. This unpredictable behaviour will often lead to uneasy relationships.

People who are diagnosed with borderline personality disorder have at least five of the following symptoms. They may:

1)      Frantically avoid real or imagined abandonment.
2)     Feelings towards others (in relationships) tend to rotate between extremes of intense esteem and disgust.
3)     Are impulsive in ways that are harmful to themselves; excessive spending, frequent/ unprotected sex with numerous partners, substance abuse, eating issues (binging or starvation), and even irresponsible driving.
4)     They generally low self esteem and an unstable sense of self.
5)     Temporary episodes of psychosis with borderline personality disorder, especially during a personal crisis. But if it lasts longer than normal, the doctor may consider whether it is another condition, such as schizophrenia.
6)     Have habitual suicidal thoughts, make repeated suicide attempts, or cause self-injury through mutilation; cutting or burning themselves.
7)     Have recurrent emotional overreactions or powerful mood swings, including feeling depressed, cross, or nervous. The mood swings typically last hours at a time.  Rarely, they might last a few days.
8)    Have explosive, fierce anger and/or problems controlling anger. They often display temper tantrums, perhaps involving physical fights.
9)     Have temporary episodes of paranoia or losing their usual sense of reality.
10) There is a general feeling of emptiness, lasting a long time, which comes and goes.
N.B:  Not everyone who has five or more of these symptoms is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. For such diagnose, the symptoms will be severe and last long enough to cause noteworthy emotional anguish and problems of performance within all relationships.
Oh, and symptoms of BPD aren’t caused by a medical condition or medications. Neither are they the result of long-term substance abuse. 

Also, this disorder can sometimes be confused with other conditions with similar symptoms, such as other personality disorders. It’s even been confused with bipolar disorder (though if you look at those symptoms you can see why).  

NOTE: I was actually diagnosed with borderline personality disorder before bipolar disorder. It took three psychiatrists to work out which diagnosis they’d write in my notes. I sat there being picked over like a roast dinner!
Well that’s enough from me – Now watch this beautiful yet haunting video to really see what BPD is like…

To Honour You – A Poem For My Mum

To Honour You

My hair, skin and teeth
And everything beneath
Within and without
My being
My whole
My smiles and my tears
The air in my lungs
And your love –
Over all these years.

From you, all goodness came
And conscience too
My tiny frame, my blood
And these eyes
Which look to you with love
My wits, my will
The heart beat in these veins
All from you –
In me remains.

The dearest of them all
Always fine and merciful
The one, the only you
The truest and
Most beautiful.

I’m the best I can be
& who you
Helped me become

 You are
Absolutely and most fortunately….

…My Truly Magnificent Mom.